Culture and Nature: Finland, Karelia, Russian North

Easy hiking in wonderful northern National Parks of Finland and Russia combined with exiting cultural exploration and sightseeing in Karelia and Northern Russia. Apart from the main tourist attractions we will travel in the areas seldom visited by regular groups. There will be a chance to see real life and meet local people, try kalitki, borsch and vodka, talk to old babushkas and learn to love severe but beautiful northern nature of Finland and Russia.

Main hightlights of the trip:

  • enjoy easy activity in 3 northern National Parks
  • visit the Venus of the North – splendid St.Petersburg
  • see wonderful old wooden architecture of Kizhi island in Onego lake
  • get acquainted with the story of Solovki Archipelago: home for an ancient monastery and a Soviet special political prison
  • meet local people and take off the beaten track routes

Itinerary map