Kronotsky Reserve and The Valley of Geysers

Nowadays Kamchatka still remains a wild region, one of the few places on the Earth where nature can be still found in its primary state. About 30% of its territory are being preserved in different national reserves. The oldest and the most famous natural reserve of the peninsula is certainly Kronotsky Nature Reserve.

Kronotsky Nature Reserve is situated in the South-East of Kamchatka. The total square of the Reserve is about 1 million hectares. Kronotsky Reserve is one of the first nature reserves in Russia. People started protecting these lands even in the early 18-th century, when they realised that the amount of wild sable and some other animals was decreasing year by year. Kronotsky Reserve is also famous due to its unique variety of nature complexes, which represent mostly all the main nature complexes existing in Kamchatka Peninsula. Since 1977 mass tourism in Kronotsky preserve has been completely prohibited. These factors have saved and preserved this place and made it almost untouched by economic activity.

Kronotsky Reserve is also famous for the Uzon Caldera and the world-known unique natural phenomenon Geysers Valley. Indigenous Itelmen people considered these places as a residence of their almighty Spirits who lived in secret places. There are many geysers, hot springs and other thermal sources in the Geyser Valley. Every second there are about 250-300 liters of thermal water pouring out in the Geyser Valley. The fountain of Velikan (Giant) Geyser is 2 meters in diameter and goes up to 30 meters. Other geysers are not so huge, although they are very impressing too. The Uzon Caldera and Geysers Valley were explored by European travellers only in the second half of the 20th century and this place was also closed to Russian citizens in Soviet times.