Trip along the Volga River

The Volga River is a well-known river in the world, the largest in Europe and certainly the most important in Russia, where it is known as the Mother Volga.

Flowing for 3530 km from north to south the River has served as an important transport route since the early ages. Lots of villages and towns appeared and grew on its shores and nearby. The fertile regions fed by the river are the most important for Russia and Europe. Many of Russian artists, writers and poets were inspired by the beauty of the Volga River.

This trip is designed not only for those, who are somehow interested in various world’s important rivers. Not at all!

The Volga and the lands around are the true Russia with its small towns, white churches with guided onion-shaped domes, nice and friendly people, folk songs, small wooden houses with carvings around the windows and monumental Soviet-style buildings… We will see the Volga in all its beauty, from a small stream hidden in the wood to the grand River stretching around for many kilometers. You will hear the stories about the underwater villages that were lost during the construction of the cascade of dams and hydro-electric stations. You will see Moscow, Kazan, Nishny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Tver, Astrakhan and many smaller towns.

This is a trip along the Mother Volga River where you will really have a chance to feel yourself Russian!