Information about Russia

Russia has always been a place of great interest for many foreigners. It is a country of big mysteries and contradictions. There is always something new and unexpected to find in this enormous territory еven for an experienced traveller. Russia is not only big, it is absolutely different in its various parts and regions. Visiting just Moscow and Saint Petersburg (really beautiful cities) is not enough to grasp the character of the whole country. You will never understand how extended and immense the country is untill you take a transiberian train. Even visiting  only the capital cities don't miss a chance to visit one of the smaller towns located nearby to see an absolutely different picture. For example take an overnight train from St.Petersburg and spend a day in Petrozavodsk (Karelia). In case you have enough time to go to remote places you will never regret travelling to Siberia and Far East, having a look at the majestic lake Baikal, powerful Enisey, thrilling Kamchatka sceneries, meeting Shaman priests and Old Believers. Each Russian city and town has its own atmosphere and people from metropolises and remote villages will give their guests absolutely different unforgettable emotions.