Our team

Geographic Bureau is a strong and friendly team of hard-working professionals. All of us are fond of traveling and we are happy to show you the most interesting places we had once opened for ourselves. Our aim is to make your trip a happy holiday, taking care of all the details and sharing our experience and knowledge. Many of our partners and customers became our friends. Our tour-leaders are working hard to make your trip interesting, comfortable and enjoyable.

You will meet many of our team while traveling: guides and local experts coming from various countries and having different background. And now please meet small but enthusiastic office team:

  • Mikhail Samarski

    Being a geographer by education, Mikhail, our principle, is also fond of history, culture and travel. Mikhail has been managing the company, and as well working out, organizing and leading numerous trips to various areas for over 25 year. He is a real expert in tourism. He is mainly working with trips to Central Asia, Russian North, Siberia and Far East.

  • Andrei Kroussanov

    Andrei is our most active person, leading and organizing various trips and expeditions since the start of the company. He is a geographer by education and is fond of skiing and trekking. Andrei is an expert in all kinds of wilderness and adventure trips in the Caucasus, Fann Mountains, Siberia and other regions.

  • Konstantin Axenov

    Konstantin is our travel expert. Having got his Ph.D. in geography he is an associate professor in St. Petersburg State University. Konstantin has long experience in wilderness travel and expeditions management.


  • Olga Gulyaeva

    Olga, our tour-leader and office manager is certainly fond of traveling. She is a specialist in Karelia, Caucasus and St.Petersburg and Moscow. Olga also works with our groups from Pakistan. Her hobby is social dancing and she is a very easy-going person. 

  • Ksenia Rakhina

    Ksenia is our office manager. She travels a lot and knows all about lake Bailkal region, Siberia and Transsib and of course about Moscow and St.Petersburg. 

  • Natalia Sherstneva

    Natalia is our tour-leader and office manager. A geographer in her background, she likes to travel and specializes in Baltic States, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and in Moscow & St.Petersburg. 

  • Elena Samarskaya

    One more professional geographer in our team Elena, is not only an experienced marketing specialist but a great traveler! 

  • Julia Chugai

    Julia, our accountant, is certainly the most serious person in our team. She is also a good photorgapher and of course she is fond of travelling as we all are.