Train Journeys

Travelling by train is an excellent alternative to flights and car travels. Trains are becoming more and more comfortable. You can enjoy the views of the country you are travelling in just looking out of the window. You have more space than in a car, and you can walk around the train during your journey.

The trains do not pollute the atmosphere as planes, so choosing this type of transport we make our step to improve the ecology. Travelling by train, we help to save our planet!

Besides, only trains give you a real feeling of a journey and motion at the same time bringing you as close as possible to local people and the country you are travelling in. We are offering you several trips by trains that are covering almost the whole territory of Russia. Apart from the famous Trans Siberian railway, we offer train journeys to other parts of Russia including the Golden Ring towns, Russian north, the Ural Mountains and the Caucasus. The railway system is very well developed in Russia, so it is possible to get to many interesting places by train.