Three Caucasian Countries

Caucasus is a special place, a crossroad between Europe and Asia, very different from both. These ancient lands are rich in history, nature and authentic culture. Three little countries Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan have once made a part of the 15 republics of the USSR. Nowadays after over 20 years of independence they have all gone through dramatic changes. Each country made it's own way. We will get acquainted with all 3 countries, will see magnificent snow-caped mountains, beautiful Sevan lake, Caspian sea with oil platforms and world famous wine valleys. You will be surprised by local hospitality, traditions and delicious cuisine.

Main hightlights of the trip

Icheri Shekher (old town) and Sea Boulevard in Baku, history and architecture of old Tbilisi and Yerevan
Gobustan mountains with petroglyphs over 10000 years old and mud volcanoes
Caravan-serai and Khan's Palace in Shekhi, an ancient silk producing centre and important stop on the Silk Road
Ancient monasteries in Georgia and Armenia including cave monasteries and churches
Famous Georgian wine valleys where every village gives it's name to the wine: Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni, Rkatsiteli and others. Georgia is one of the oldest wine-producers in the world!
Mtskheta – ancient Georgian capital where King Mirian accepted Christianity in the 4th century
Garni - the only in the Caucasus Hellenic temple in the former USSR
Iosif Stalin museum in Gori n Georgia

Itinerary map