Detailed itinerary

Day 1. Arrive in Moscow

Arrive in Moscow. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight in a hotel in Moscow. 

Day 2. Moscow

Vehicle supported sightseeing tour of Moscow. Moscow is a dynamic developing metropolis with more than 870 years history. During the tour you will see how different epochs can coexist at one city: the Red Square with the 14th century St. Basil Cathedral and the Kremlin and the newly constructed modern Zaryadye Park; the first Russian sky-scrappers the so-called Stalin Sisters built in 1950s in the original Stalin Empire style and the business center Moscow city (the tallest tower in the complex is 373 meters high). Optionally you can visit one of the observation points either on the roof of one of the towers, 320 meters or an observation deck at the 54th floor, 230 meters. Overnight in a hotel in Moscow

Day 3. Moscow – Yaroslavl

In the afternoon transfer to the railway station for a train to Yaroslavl. The train journey takes 3.5 hours. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight in a hotel in Yaroslavl.

Day 4. Yaroslavl – St. Petersburg

Vehicle supported city sightseeing tour of Yaroslavl, the capital of the Golden Ring route. On one of the streets, there is a monument to the zero kilometer from where the "Golden Ring" starts. Even though Yaroslavl is the largest city of the Golden Ring, it still has its rural charm. It is the oldest city on the Volga River founded in 1010. According to the legend Yaroslav the Wise, the ruler of the Kiev Rus' met an enormous bear at the confluence of the Volga and the Kotorosl Rivers. He killed the bear with a halberd and founded the city at this place. The bear with a halberd is still at the emblem of the city. During the tour, you will see several monuments to various bears – all of them were presented to the city for its 1000th anniversary. The oldest construction in the city is the Transfiguration Cathedral in the Spassky (St. Savior) Monastery built in the 15th century. St. John the Baptist Church is considered to be one of the most beautiful churches because of its walls and dome drums covered with richly glazed tiles. You can see the image of this church on a 1000-ruble banknote. Yaroslavl is famous for its theatre traditions: the first drama theatre in Russia – the Volkov Theatre appeared here in 1750. You will discover the history of the theatre during your tour. Strolling along the Volga and Kotorosl embankments together with the Millennium Park will leave unforgettable memories. In the evening transfer to the rail way station for the overnight train to St. Petersburg. The train ride takes 11.5 hours.

Day 5. St. Petersburg

Vehicle supported sightseeing tour of the city. You will learn a lot about more than 300-year-history of the city that was founded by Peter the Great to become the capital of the Russian Empire. The best architects were invited from all over Europe to build the new city. The city is fascinating due to its ensembles, as every new building constructed in the city center should have matched with the nearby houses to make a pleasant view of the street or square even if they belong to different architectural styles and epochs. That is why you never find a sky-scraper or a modern business center in the historical part of the city. During the city tour, you'll enjoy the ensemble of the Palace Square, drive along the Nevsky Prospect with its numerous palaces and cathedrals and see other main attractions. Overnight in a hotel in St. Petersburg

Day 6. St. Petersburg

Free time Overnight in a hotel in St. Petersburg

Day 7. St. Petersburg

Transfer to the airport for the departure flight

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