Trek in The Fann Mountains

Fann mountains are considered to be one of the most beautiful in Central Asia. They are known for their picturesque mountainous scenery as well as for the great number of different nice and clear lakes scattered all over. Geographically the Fann Mountains are part of those great ramparts of rock which run along the southern edge of the Central Asian republics and Siberia, virtually from the Caspian to the Pacific. More specifically they are part of the Pamir-Alai and are located in the Republic of Tajikistan between the Zeravshan and Gissar ranges. Narrow canyons with clear, rushing rivers, high glaciated summits, wide variety of colorful panoramas, picturesque river valleys and thousands of lakes set amongst juniper forests make this region one of the most attractive mountain regions in Central Asia.

Main hightlights of the trip

   ♦  donkey-supported classical trek

   ♦  wonderful breathtaking panoramas of Pamir-Alai range

   ♦  crystal clear lakes and rushing rivers, sun and fresh air

   ♦  local kishlaks scattered in the mountains 

   ♦  oriental cuisine and hospitality


Itinerary map