Moscow - one of the most popular cities of the world. A lot of young people from all the country strive to the capital to start here a new life full of interesting events, breath-taking career prospects, unexpected meetings. 

Each traveler coming to Moscow is sure to visit the most popular and beautiful sights such as Red Square, the Kremlin with Cathedrals, Tretyakov gallery, Pushkin museum, Vorobyevy hills, Arbat street, Bolshoy  Theater, Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Our capital is really multifarious, these sights are very important but still not enough to feel the spirit of the city, to have a deep insight into its modern life and history.

We offer some more places that are supposed to help you learn it better.

Moscow is very well developed and modern but nevertheless it preserves old architecture and history of previous centuries. Pay attention to original and astonishing “Zamoskvorechie” district where you can have a walking tour looking at buildings of old Moscow. Walk along Bolshaya Ordynka street, a part of the former Bolshoy Ordynsky way leading to the Golden Horde (Zolotaya Orda). The street depicts the history of the whole country and can tell the traveler about the Golden Horde khans, about the Time of Trouble, Napoleonic fire and many other historical events. Pyatnitskaya street is another famous street of the old district named after great martyr Paraskeva Pyatnitza to whom all the Moscow merchants used to pray. Walk around Bolotnaya Square that remembers Emelyan Pugachev, fistfights and executions.  Strolling about “Zamoskvorechie” you will see old cathedrals, ancient merchant mansions and estates, you will feel the charm of the old, merchant Moscow.
“Zamoskvorechie” district is tightly connected with the name of the famous entrepreneur Pavel Tretyakov, the founder of Tretyakov Gallery, the world's biggest collection of the Russian Fine Arts. We recommend you also to pay attention to the second building of Tretyakov gallery located on Krymsky Val. It has the new exposition “the Art of the 20th century”. Here you can appreciate the works of the famous Avant garde artists such as Malevich, Kandinsky, Shagal and many others. The art of the Soviet epoch will surely impress you.
Not far from Izmailovo Kremlin there is a unique object called “Stalin's Bunker”, which is now a historical museum complex. It's interesting that for a long period it was a top secret object disguised by big stadium above. The underground shelter is connected with the center of Moscow and Kremlin by 17 - kilometer underground way. Visit the bunker is like to touch a hidden underground life of previous century. You will see a conference hall, a private office of Joseph Stalin, his rest room, Georgian canteen, and also some of the personal things belonging to the former leader.
Novodevichy cemetery, the oldest and the most notable necropolis of Moscow is also, worth visiting. It's located close to the Novodevichy monastery. The cemetery was created for burial of famous Russian people. There are graves of popular writers such as Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Mayakovsky and others, famous politicians such as Eltzin, Hruschev, Gorbachev, a lot of famous artists, actors, scientists, musicians, etc. Many gravestones are made by talented sculptors and are the monuments of cultural heritage.
The only one in Moscow museum of Cosmonautics located at Prospect Mira holds a great variety of unique items displaying a splendid story of space exploration. The interior design of the museum is rather interesting and unusual so a visitor can feel like a part of great space epoch. You will see the samples of space technical equipment, rare documents, photo and video materials. In special zones there are different virtual trainers, a tiny center of flight control from where it is possible to observe the International Space Station and get in touch with the crew.
There is a good place where you can appreciate splendid Soviet underground architecture, intricate mosaics and surprising sculptures. That's Moscow metro with its beautiful stations some of them recognized as architectural monuments. But if you decide to take a ride by metro please avoid morning and evening rush hours when a great number of people strive to work or back home and won't let you enjoy the underground beauty in full.
Popular in last years phrase “Moscow never sleeps” truly depicts the real life of the city. After the sunset the capital seems to start an absolutely different vivid night life. And if you are not very sleepy after a long day of excursions don't miss the chance to steep in a rapid flow of night life full of great variety of modern night clubs, careless dances, splendid drives and fun. That's the best way to see the life style of the Moscow youth!
For those who have enough time in Moscow we would recommend to arrange day trips to the interesting neighboring towns and settlements. For example, visit the traditional historical center of ceramic production, the native land of famous white-blue porcelain called “Gzhel” located in 60 km from Moscow. That's truly ancient folk craft and the area itself is the residence of potters from very old times. Visiting the porcelain factory you will see the process of making the real works of art.
To see the monument of the ancient defensive architecture is possible in Kolomna, an old beautiful  town located in 114 km from Moscow.  The Kolomian Kremlin was one of the biggest and most powerful fortresses built in the 14th century.
To have a rest from the fuss of rapid city life and see the miracle of architecture is possible just in 36 km from Moscow in a picturesque country estate located at the confluence of two rivers and surrounded by forest called Dubrovnizy. It is known for unique Sign  Church of Our Lady. It has a gilded crown instead of usual dome in the top.  The church build in baroque style is amazingly beautiful and differs too much from traditional Russian churches