Discover Siberia

The most popular idea of discovering Siberia is to take a transiberian train and make a couple of stops. In this trip we offer you to step aside from the beaten track and enjoy the wild nature of the Tuva republic as well as visit some of the most important Siberian cities. During the tour you'll have an opportunity to see how vast Russia is and how different are its regions in cultural and natural way. You'll see the power of the Yenisei and Maliy Yenisey rivers and the beauty and clearness of the Baikal water. You'll meet people of different religions and way of livings.

Main hightlights of the trip

  • visit Moscow – the capital of Russia. See the main historical sites and of course visit the Kremlin – an ancient fortress and place where the Russian government makes important decisions nowadays as well
  • visit the Tuva republic, listen to the throat singing concert and try the national food, meet Lamas, Shaman priests and Old Believers
  • in Krasnoyarsk see the Hydro-electric power station
  • stay a couple of days on the shores of Lake Baikal 
  • visit the Ivolginsky datzan – the main Buddhist temple in Russia


Itinerary map