Russian History

If you are interested in the Russian history, this program is for you. During the trip to Moscow, Novgorod and St.Petersburg you will get an opportunity to see three great cities which had played an important role in different periods of time and are still the main industrial, commercial and cultural Russian cities.

Main hightlights of the trip

  • visit Moscow,the center and the capital of Russia for a long time. See the historical monuments designed by the best Russian sculptors, great theatres and museums, superb shops and traditional Russian architecture
  • visit the Venus of the North – splendid St.Petersburg that is European in design. Visit the Hermitage - the largest museum in Russia - can really compare with the greatest museums of the world
  • see the second largest and very important city in the Ancient Slavic State, Novgorod, known since the early 9th century. Enjoy the Kremlin and famous ancient Sophia Cathedral


Itinerary map