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Elbrus Region

The Elbrus Region (Prielbrusie) is the name often given to a section of the Caucasus extending from the western foothills of Mount Elbrus to the Chegem valley in the east. It includes the highest massif of the Caucasus Range - Elbrus (5642m) - and those parts of the Main (Glavnyi) Caucasus watershed and side ridges that form the upper Baksan river catchment area. The watershed marks the border between Europe and Asia; also the national border between the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (part of the Russian Federation) to the north, and Georgia to the south.


Elbrus Ski-Tour - 8 days

Elbrus ski tour
The trips itinerary is designed to adjust the trip’s dates to the direct flights' schedule from Munich to Mineralnye Vody. Suitable for the partly acclimatised climbers or those who acclimatise well.

Mt Kazbek and Mt Elbrus


Together with separate climbs of Mt Kazbek (5047m), one of the most beautiful peaks in the Caucasus and Mt Elbrus (5642m), the highest mountain of Europe, we offer to climb those great mountains in one trip.

Elbrus Ascent - 10 days


This 10 days trip provides an optimal acclimatisation programme before you climb Mt Elbrus. Comparing to our 8 days itinerary the trip has two more days for gradual and softer acclimatisation but is shorter than our 13 days trip which might be too long for busy people.

Mount Elbrus - 13 days


The summit of Elbrus can be seen for miles around from different parts of the Caucasus region. Both East (5621m) and West (5642m) summits are permanently covered with snow.

Heli Skiing

Heli ski in Elbrus area
The mountains on the Caucasus are higher and more extensive than the Alps. More stable and colder weather guarantees excellent skiing.

Mount Elbrus Circuit

Elbrus Circuit

Well known for decades by Russian mountain walkers, the route came in full view as a trekking gem only when in the early nineties foreign tourist saw it and compared with the famous classics.

Elbrus Ski-Tour - 14 days

Elbrus ski tour

The Caucasus form a chain of snowy mountains separating Georgia from Russia to the north. Just north of the main chain lies the Europe’s highest summit - the twin-peaked Mt Elbrus.

Elbrus Climb - 8 days


This trip is suitable for the partly acclimatised or those who acclimatise well. If you are uncertain how well you perform at altitude we recommend our two weeks trip.

Elbrus Ski Descent

Elbrus ski descend
The program was designed to give a chance for ski fans to ascent the highest summit of Europe - Mt Elbrus and then ski all the way down with more than 2000m altitude differences.

Elbrus Northern Route

Mt Elbrus from Djilisu

North route looks more like an authentic mountaineering or a real expedition rather than a normal trip from the South. It is wild, more adventurous and can be more interesting by this particular reason. But physical fitness and previous mountaineering experience are crusial if you choose the Northern route, because it will offer to participants the longer and harder walking days than on the Southern routes.

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