Trans Siberian railway detailed itinerary

Here is an optional itinerary that can be changed or updated according to your preferences.

Day 1. Moscow

Arrive in Moscow. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation

Day 2. Moscow

Full day to explore the capital of Russia. See the main highlights, visit the Red Square and Kremlin.

Day 3.  Moscow

Some more time to see other sites of this magnificent city. There are many “musts” as well as many other interesting places to see, such as: The Tretiakov Gallery (ancient icons and Russian art till 19th century) and it's New Wing (Modern Russian Art 20 century and afterward), the Historical Museum, Novodevichiy cemetery where most Russian celebrities are buried, the Exhibition hall and the USSR museum, one of the underground bunkers and many more.  Evening departure to Kazan. Overnight on train.

Day 4. Kazan

Arrive in Kazan in the morning. Sightseeing in Kazan. Late evening departure to Krasnoyarsk

Day 5. Train

On train

Day 6. Train

On train

Day 7. Krasnoyarsk

Arrive in Krasnoyarsk in the morning. Take a 1.5 hour cruise on Yenisei River. See Krasnoyarsk Hydro-Electric station area at Divnomorsk. On the way back to the city (by car) stop at the observation point “Tsar-Fish”. Return to Krasnoyarsk. City-tour. Overnight in Krasnoyarsk.

Day 8. Krasnoyarsk

Free time in the morning. Afternoon train to Irkutsk. Overnight on train.

Day 9. Irkutsk

Arrive in Irkutsk in the morning. Drive to Lake Baikal shores (ca. 70 km) with en-route stop in Taltsy to see local wooden architecture museum. In the afternoon explore Listvianka village, located on the shores of Baikal lake near Angara river estuary. Overnight in a guesthouse.

Day 10. Baikal

Day at the shores of Baikal Lake.

Day 11. Irkutsk

Drive to Irkutsk. Time to explore the city. Late evening departure to Ulan-Ude.

Day 12. Ulan Ude

Arrive in Uulan-Ude in the morning. Sightseeing in Ulan-Ude, including visit to Ivolginsky Datsan, the centre of Russian Buddhism. Overnight in Ulan-Ude.

From Ulan-Ude there are several options for further journeys: It is possible to fly to Moscow. There are direct morning flight Ulan-Ude – Moscow. Due to the time zones the plane will arrive in Moscow in the morning as well, so it's possible to get an international connection on the same day. Otherwise you can take a train to Ulan-Baator (Mongolia), Beijing (China) or continue traveling across Russia to Vladivostok.

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