Rafting and Fishing in Opala river

The program is based on rafting down the Opala river which flows into the Okhotsk Sea in the southern part of Kamchatka Peninsula. Its total length is 161 km. The flow speed is 0.2-2 m/c. The river flows through completely wild and very picturesque area. There are no settlements and no people. The river is boiling with salmon fish, there are plenty of berries and mushrooms along the banks. Fishing attracts a lot of bears. Sometimes it is possible to see 30-40 bears a day while rafting. Bears are very calm and are not aggressive at all as there is more food than they need. On the way except the unbelievable views and fantastic fishing you will be able to take natural thermal baths and enjoy real untouched wilderness. This is a vacation you will never forget.

Main hightlights of the trip

  • Rafting in Opala river
  • Bathing in natural thermal springs
  • Good opportunities for fishing
  • Enjoy real untouched wilderness


Itinerary map