Kamchatka volcanoes trek detailed itinerary

Day 1. Departure from Moscow

Arrival to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer to village Pinachevo (55 km) . Accommodation in tourist lodge. Visit to the hot springs, bathing in hydrigen sylfide springs.

Day 2. Semenov cordon

Trekking to the Semenov cordon, 22 km, 6 hours. The route passes through the birch forest along Pinachevskaya river. Overnight in tourist lodge.

Day 3. Nalychevsky hot springs

Trekking through Pinachevsky Pass (1160 m) to Nalychevsky hot springs, 24 km, 8 hours. From the pass there is a splendid view of Koryakski, Aag and Arik volcanoes. The pathway goes along the spring, and the mountain river further to the top of the crest. The rest way will be through the swamp area and birch forest up to Voronyi lakes. Bathing in the thermal springs. Overnight in tourist lodge.<

Day 4. Hot springs

Radial excursion in Bear Tundra to Goryacherechensky (hot river) and Zheltorechensky (yellow river) hot springs, Kotel (Pot) thermal group. Observing expositions in the Ecology Education and Tourism Center. Bathing in the hot springs. Overnight in tourist lodge.

Day 5. River Sedlovinskaya

Trekking to the River Sedlovinskaya, 24 km, 8 hours. The way passes through Aag Narzans (cold mineral springs) and over the bridge over Shumnaya (Noizy) river. Further there will be a pass through the narrow valley of Levaya Nalychevo river (Left Nalychevo river) to the valley of Pravaya (Right) Sedlovinskaya river. Overnight in tents.

Day 6. Campsite "Three volcanoes

Trekking through Avachinsky pass (1268 m) to the campsite "Three volcanoes", 18 km, 6 hours. Overnight in tourist lodge.

Day 7. Volcano Avachinsky ascent

>Volcano Avachinsky ascent (2741 m). From the top there is a splendid view of Zhupanovsky volcanic group, Kozelsky volano, vast Pacific Ocean and massive cone of Koryaksy volacano. Light snack on the top, observation of the crater. The ascent will take about 6-8 hour and the descent can be done within 3-4 hours. Overnight in lodge.

Day 8. Datchnye hot springs

Drive to the Mutnovsky geothermal station , 140 km, 5 hours. Walking excusion to the Datchnye hot springs (3 km) . After lunch drive to the foot of Mutnovsky volcano. Base tent camp.

Day 9. Mutnovsky crater

Walking excursion to the Mutnovsky crater. Deep crater is surrounded by cliffs. The huge glacier slips down from the top to the very bottom of the crater. The volcano produces lots of energy in the form of fumarole’s gases and numerous thermal springs. You will watch steam and gas emissions and boiling mud pots. On the way back observation of the waterfall in canyon Opasny (Dangerous) . The duration of excursion is about 7-8 hours. Return to the base tent camp.

Day 10. Climbing to the volcano Gorely

imbing to the volcano Gorely (1829 m). Ascent to the volcano Gorely is not difficult and takes about two – three hours. Level difference is about 900 meters. Observation of main craters of the volcano. Return to the camp the same way. Drive to Paratunka. Overnight in tourist hotel in Paratunka.

Day 11. Departure to Moscow

Departure. Transfer to the airport for flight to Moscow

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