Kamchatka volcanoes trek

Nalychevo nature park is added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It includes the picturesque Nalychevskaya River Valley surrounded by active and inactive volcanoes: Koryaksky ( 3,456 m high ), Avachinsky (2,741 m), Zhupanovsky (2,780 m) and Dzendzur (2,156 m), the majestic Pacific coast, thermal and mineral springs. It's a unique place where one can observe and research the volcanic activity. Glaciers concentrated within volcanic mountain ranges create beautiful landscapes appealling to the tourists. Two hundred hot springs are set in the small area in the center of the park ranging in temperature (from 14 to 75° С ) and chemical composition. The largest springs include Kotel, Zheltorechenskiye, Goryacherenskiye, Talovskiye, Kraevedcheskiye and Shaibnye hot springs. The Nalychevo system of thermal waters is very ancient, existing more than 25,000 years. It is a unique natural phenomenon not only for Kamchatka , but for the entire world. The waters of these springs give people health, energy and simply put them in a good mood.

Main hightlights of the trip

   ♦  Climbing Avachinsky, Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes

   ♦  Bathing in various hot springs which make the ancient and unique system of thermal waters. 

   ♦  Good opportunities for observing and researching volcanic activity

Itinerary map