Kamchatka volcanoes

Kamchatka is one of the most remote places in Russia, a large peninsula bounded by the Pacific and its seas. It is known to be one of the places in the country that is almost left untouched. It's virgin mountains and  forests with unique and exotic plants found nowhere else in the world are full of wild birds and animals. For almost a century this wilderness was closed for the foreign visitors as well as many other places in Siberia and Pacific. This wild mountainous land, lying on the 'Pacific Rim of Fire', is a highly unstable geological area prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, stretching from Alaska in the east across the Aleutians to Kamchatka and southwards to Japan. These comments were made by Robert Perkins, the American ecologist when he visited Kamchatka in 1990. He was possibly the first Westerner to have visited Kamchatka in 40 years. It is a remote region of Russia being 9 time zones from Moscow. The area was shrouded in secrecy it being the home of the Soviet Pacific fleet. Our trip passes through the wilderness areas of the volcanoes and hot springs in two areas, one to the south and the other to the west of Kamchatka's main town and port Petropavlovsk. Access to the second part of the trek is easier with shorter traveling time involved.

Main hightlights of the trip

  • see and ascend the most famous and beautiful Kamchatka volcanoes
  • bathing in the hot springs
  • enjoy Kamchatka splendid rivers and waterfalls
  • fishing at the Pacific Ocean


Itinerary map